Mercury Free Gold Recovery

Mercury free gold recovery is conducted by clients and staff members of the Start Your Own Gold Mine program and directed by Mr. Jean Louis since 2012 with presence in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

The most serious impact on health for miners and their families due to the use of mercury in gold recovery is mercury poisoning. Mercury is a highly toxic substance that can have detrimental effects on the nervous system, kidneys, and other organs. It can also cause developmental issues in children and lead to long-term health problems. Inhalation of mercury vapors and ingestion of mercury-contaminated food and water are the primary routes of exposure. Additionally, mercury can contaminate the environment, including water sources, posing risks to wildlife and communities downstream. It is crucial to minimize the use of mercury in gold recovery to protect the health and well-being of miners and their families.

Methods of mercury free gold recovery are suitable for government projects to eradicate mercury from gold mining sites and eradicate continuous pollution of people’s bodies, plants, animals and fish, water sources and environment.

In addition, mercury free gold recovery methods increase the quantity of gold recovered and decrease expenses of mining operation.

Our mission is to prevent devastating incidents of dangerous mercury poisoning.

Problems of Mercury Pollution and Poisoning

Mercury poisoning may cause blindness and deafness, brain damage, digestive problems, kidney damage, lack of coordination, mental retardation and other diseases.

Information About Mercury Pollution and Poisoning

Solution is Mercury Free Gold Recovery

Inquire For Mercury Free Gold Recovery Solutions

The Mercury Free Gold Recovery Team may help governments and ministries of minerals, energy and mining, geological departments, mining sites and mining companies to employ, engage, maximize gold recovery and minimize expenses while completely eradicating mercury from gold recovery.

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Mercury Free Gold Recovery Limited
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Start Your Own Gold Mine LLC
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