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Sunday, January 15, 2023

Vacancy for Director and Secretary

As of 2023-01-15 Mercury Free Gold Recovery Limited has vacancy for Director or Secretary, a position which condition is successfully completed Preliminary Communication Preparation Project and experience as Communications and Reporting Officer I/C in our business. People in mining business who are interested to exclusively use mercury free gold recovery methods and teach others the same are welcome to apply with us.

Duties as Director and Secretary

Duties involve sorting of corporate documents, agreements, accounting documents, entering accounting transactions in computer, sending and receiving communication, traveling to government offices, applying for licenses, solving documentary problems, contacting people and informing them about our products and services, traveling to mining sites, teaching and educating people about mercury free gold recovery methods, ordering and selling equipment, contacting media agencies and other similar activities.

Place of work may be anywhere in Uganda in villages and bushes.

Requirement is to complete the Preliminary Communication Preparation Project.


Director enjoys participation in company profit which may be in range of many millions and basic salary of 300,000 Ugs. only.

Expected motivation for director and secretary is the participation in profit and thus development of business.

If person is exclusively interested in basic salary, this position is not proper.

Recommended readings and instruction how to start

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